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Guitar Lessons: How To Play That’s Alright Mama by Elvis Presley

Got another easy, three chord song for you here by Elvis Presley called That’s Alright Mama with some greate guitar tutorials and lessons below. Just print off the chords and tabs for the song below to get started. Here are the guitar resources that I’ve been using to learn how to play this song. So, enjoy them and let me know how it goes for you.

Guitar Lessons for That’s Alright Mama

You’ll find four guitar tutorials for That’s Alright Mama in the Youtube Playlist below. So, watch all four of the guitar teachers showing you their tricks and tips for learning to play this song on your guitar.

I usually put each of the guitar tutorials in the order that I found most useful and helpful for me. But they are all great guitar teachers, so you’ll learn from each of them.

Guitar Chords And Tabs for That’s Alright Mama

Here are the guitar chords and tabs that I’ve been using to play this song. You’ll notice that Justin only uses the A, D, and G chords in his lesson, so you’ll find them in that key. Although there are suggestions for using some 7th chords as well.  So, just test out the different chords and see which ones you find the most useful.

Here are the chords to go along with Justin’s beginning guitar course tutorial from the lesson above. I’m embedding them, so you can follow along with the guitar tutorial without having to leave the page.

Justin recommends that you listen to the song at least 10 times to learn how it’s played and sung. The more you listen to it, the more you’ll pick up the subtle nuances of how to sing That’s Alright Mama and play it on your guitar.  You’ll find the original video as well as a few of Elvis playing it live on his guitar below.

Elvis Presley – That’s Alright Mama

Elvis Live – Thats Alright Mama (’68)

Guitar Covers For That’s Alright Mama

Here are several more videos of other guitarists playing That’s Alright Mama so you don’t get bored of just listening to Elvis over and over.

Male Guitarists Playing That’s Alright Mama

There are some great guitarists in here. You’ll see Eric Clapton singing That’s Alright Mama almost as well as Elvis. Although he’s just sittting, so you won’t see Eric shaking his hips like Elvis. And there’s another cover of Paul Mcartney singing this song too while playing it on his bass.

Female Guitarists Playing That’s Alright Mama

Vocal Covers of That’s Alright Mama

Here are more videos of other people singing That’s Alright Mama. They aren’t playing the song on their guitar per se…however it’s still good to hear the song performed by other artists.

Just listen to them singing and try to play along with them on your guitar. It’s good practice. You can use a capo to get your guitar into the right key easily.

That’s Alright Mama Acappella

Here’s a video of someone singing the song acappella so you can focus on the vocals and hear them singing That’s Alright Mama without any instruments in the background to distract you.

Try singing That’s Alright Mama acapella yourself while recording it. That way you can hear how you sound and get feedback on how to improve your singing.

Fingerstyle Guitar Covers

And last but not least, this is my favorite part of the page. Here are some amazing guitarists playing That’s Alright Mama fingerstyle on their guitar. There are some really nice arrangements. No singing to disctract you. Just pure guitar melody and harmony to carry you away.

If you record your own cover of That’s Alright Mama, make sure to let us know in the comments below. And if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments as well.

I hope you enoyed these guitar resoures and lessons, and that they help you improve your guitar playing skills. Have fun jamming away.

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